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tips on writing a newsletter

October 24, 2008

Here are some tips for writing a newsletter that I have compiled from various sources:

  1. Try to be conservative: don’t use a lot of different fonts when writing your newsletter. It can be hard to read and it looks sloppy.
  2. Use appropriate margins
  3. Don’t be afraid to overuse white space: too many graphics and too much color can clutter a page and takes away from the focal point of the newsletter.
  4. Some color is good for a newsletter: It catches the attention of the reader.
  5. Consistency: use grids for consistency across pages or try to use styles or templates to create consistent formatting.
  6. Make sure your spreads are balanced: For pages that are side-by-side (spreads), make sure that they balance each other.
  7. Use descriptive captions.
  8. Highlight important points: use pull-quotes, graphics, photographs, etc.
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.
  10. Make sure that the name of your newsletter is an attention-getter
  11. Use tints and accent colors to make your newsletter “eye-catching”
  12. Know your audience: do a little outside research.
  13. Be relevant: make sure the articles and the content of your newsletter is relevant to your company or organization.
  14. Make sure your articles are objective: write as if you were a neutral third party.
  15. Keep articles short and too the point. Long articles could bore the reader and prevent them from reading the rest of your newsletter.
  16. Proofread everything!!!